265Lb Dwight Howard, 3 Years After Claiming Lakers Title Alongside LeBron James, Reveals He Started Growing His Food On A Farm After Assessing Health Risks

Mary Raleigh

Dwight Howard was recently listed at 265 pounds. This is possibly the lightest we have seen Dwight since his rookie season. This comes just 3 years after he won his first championship with the Lakers. Even during his Lakers run, Dwight had slimmed down quite a bit, something he did to increase mobility. The increased mobility helped as Dwight may have been one of the biggest reasons why the Lakers made it past league two-time MVP Nikola Jokic during the 2020 season.

Dwight not only plays impressive basketball for his size but also looks impressive as a center. The big man had always been chiseled throughout his life despite a horrendous diet. Dwight’s infamous eating habits recently resurfaced through a Bleacher Report Instagram post. Dwight has since clarified that he has drastically changed his diet and lifestyle, even opting to grow his produce on a piece of land he recently bought.

Bleacher Report exposes Dwight Howard

Bleacher Report just made us all feel worse about ourselves. The media house just released a graphic showing Prime Dwight Howard’s NBA diet, something that is admittedly shocking. The 7-foot athlete, who looked more at home at a bodybuilding contest, used to eat 25 candy bars a day, McDonald’s, Skittles, Starbursts, Twix, Tootsie Rolls, Snickers, and Popeyes. Strangely enough, Dwight even recently confirmed the post by Bleacher Report by commenting below the post.

Dwight replying to the post wrote ” After the doctors told me about the risk I was putting myself in, I changed my diet immediately. I bought a farm and began to grow my foods instead of eating processed foods. I stopped with the candy and replaced them with fruits and vegetables. Making that change has helped my mind become clear and increase my longevity as a player.” Dwight Howard has since been in great shape, especially considering his age. The big man is now 37 years old. Most big men won’t play till the age of 37, to begin with, let alone be dunking and dominating overseas.

Dwight Howard really is a physical specimen of the highest order.

Dwight Howard hasn’t retired just yet

Dwight Howard is not done playing professional basketball just yet. Though the big man is 37 years old, he is still dominating in Taiwan, where he plays for the Taoyuan Leopards. Dwight is averaging an impressive 23.2 points and 16.2 rebounds.

Dwight has made it known that he still wants to play in the NBA. Howard spoke to the Observer. The former All-Star told the publication ” I would love to help the Sacramento Kings contend for a title. Even though I believe their team is pretty much set.” Dwight who looks to be in excellent shape definitely could add a lot to a Championship caliber team. Dwight could play as a backup center, and could also provide mentorship and guidance to younger star players, based on his experience. Dwight could be the veteran who could take a contending team to a championship team.


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