Another UFO Crash in Antarctica – Now Clearly Visible since 1997 on Satellite Images

Mary Raleigh

Using Google Earth, Russian researcher Valentin Degterev discovered a fascinating frozen alien aircraft in Antarctica. A few days ago, he gave a demonstration of his discovery, much to the delight of his YouTube subscribers.

Google Earth User Spots 'Crashed UFO' In Antarctica

In images taken in 1997, the researcher claims to have captured this odd object, although at that time, it was more thickly covered in ice. Now that the ice has thawed, he is in a position to investigate the enigmatic object and identify what it is.

He said that rather than being a natural formation, it is most likely a crashed UFO, an ancient object that is hundreds of thousands of years old.

Fact check: Melting ice reveals UFO in Antarctica - or does it? | Newshub

Decterev intends to go on an Antarctic trip, but no commercial enterprise could lift a 2000-foot-long and 300-foot-tall object to the surface.

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However, however, it is not permitted for commercial organizations to do research there; I’m sure you can imagine why.

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