“Because Bron can’t do this s**t” – Kevin Garnett sizes up Anthony Davis’ MVP hopes, dubs him ultimate “Robin” to LeBron James

Mary Raleigh

Anthony Davis signed the most valuable contract extension till 2028 in the NBA with the LA Lakers this summer. Many expect Davis to take another leap. Former NBA legend Kevin Garnett wants Davis to be in the MVP conversation. He thinks the big man needs to take a step and take the team from LeBron James.

The legend appeared on “SHOWTIME Basketball” to discuss whether Davis will be in the MVP conversation In 2024. Garnett thinks the new contract makes Davis the big man on the Lakers now. He wants to see him assert himself.

“I am looking for him to come out this year and be a part of the MVP conversation. Anything less than that, I don’t want to hear that s**t,” Garnett said, “Because Bron can’t do this s**t. We over that. Is it Anthony Davis’ team now? Can we say that?”

The often outspoken Garnett challenged Davis to live up to his new deal. He wants the former Pelican to play up to his potential.

“He signed the extension. If (Davis) is coming in and waiting on Bron to do something, no, that is not the mentality bro,” Garnett said, “You get that money and the money propels you.”

However, Garnett is not convinced Davis can be that guy. He wants the “Unibrow” to be the leader of the Lakers even though he may be more of the secondary star.

“I really want to believe that, but I don’t know if he has that type of energy or that engine,” Garnett said, “I don’t see him as the Batman, he will always be a great Robin.”

Garnett wants Davis to become the go-to guy he was in New Orleans. Before he demanded a trade, Davis was the leading scorer night in and night out on the Pelicans.

“I seen (sic) splashes of it when he was in New Orleans when he was younger. But I don’t see it,” Garnett said.

Davis will likely have to carry more of the load as James turns 39 years old. James will need to manage his minutes more to stay available for the long season and another deep playoff run.

Davis is currently a long shot to win MVP. He is listed at 35/1, which is 16th best in the league. His teammate LeBron James is ahead of him at 19/1.

Garnett also hopes Davis stays healthy and plays more this season. He wants him to follow James’ lead.

“You got a teammate that spends a million on his body, why aren’t you working out together bro?” Garnett asked. “You are with the best player of the decade at least be with him or watch him,” he added.

Would Anthony Davis leave LA?

According to sources, Davis just signed a three-year, $186 million extension to stay in LA. It is the most valuable extension in NBA history in terms of average annual salary.

He would certainly stay with the Lakers for the long haul, right? Garnett is not convinced. He thinks Davis may want out once the deal is over.

“Once Bron leaves and he starts feeling the s**t, he is going to be like it’s time to get out of here,” Garnett remarked, “Lakers fans, sell your stock now.”

Davis already demanded a trade once and made a stink in New Orleans just to get to LA. It would be a surprising move if Davis asked out after making it clear he wanted to be with the Lakers before they finally traded for him. Anything is possible in today’s NBA though.

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