Entering $12,015,150 Season, Austin Reaves Expresses Lakers’ Championship Aspirations: “Have the Talent to Do Whatever We Need to Do!”

Mary Raleigh

The 2023-2024 season is nearly here, and all teams in the league are working hard with eyes set on the championship. Players are putting in their best efforts by working hard to help their teams reach the top. Austin Reaves is one of the many slogging it off during practice. But that hasn’t stopped him from talking to the press. And, recently after practice, he spoke to the media, sharing his aspirations for the season. A season where he will earn $12,015,150 and one where he hopes to help his Los Angeles Lakers win an NBA Championship.

The Lakers recently showcased their faith in Reaves, signing him to a new deal. Having joined the Purple and Gold as an undrafted free agent, AR-15 signed a four-year deal with the team. Worth close to $56,000,000, the contract will keep him in LA for the long run.

Austin Reaves outlines the Lakers’ aspirations for the upcoming 2023-2024 season

Austin Reaves has had an interesting off-season. After signing a $56,000,000 extension with the Lakers, Hillbilly Kobe was called up by USA Basketball. Representing Team USA at the FIBA World Cup, things didn’t go as planned. Nevertheless, he is back in action after a few weeks of rest and is preparing for the upcoming season.

It certainly will take some time for him to get back in NBA shape. After all, there are some stark differences between representing your nation and the Lakers. However, Reaves is more than ready and is excited about the talent the organization has managed to acquire.

Speaking to the press after a long practice session, Reaves explained how the Lakers have everything they need to be good. Now, all they have to do is study the game plans, get in line with the coaching, and build up their chemistry. If the team achieves that, he believes they have enough and more talent to go out there and win an NBA Championship.

“We got everything we need to be good. We just have to buy into the game plans, the coaching, and just building that chemistry as a team. Like I said we have the talent to do whatever we need to do. Yeah! A lot of talent, a lot of skill, and a lot of good basketball here!”

Many would agree with Reaves’ comment as the Lakers have assembled a great roster. Led by LeBron James, they have good coverage in all five positions. Bar any injuries and any other unforeseen circumstances, the Lakers should be one of, if not the favorites to go all the way.

The entire Lakers organization has high expectations for the season

Winning an NBA Championship is easier said than done. But, Austin Reaves isn’t the only player on the Lakers with high expectations. LeBron James will be gunning for his fifth ring, while Anthony Davis is keen on playing a full 82-game season. Other than that, the other Lakers, both the old and the new will be looking to have a great season.

Given the roster Rob Pelinka has built, they should be able to go far. He’s done an incredible job bringing in some of the best talent in the NBA. So, as mentioned earlier, if everyone manages to stay fit and healthy, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to say the Lakers will win their 18th NBA Championship.

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