Gilbert Arenas Thinks Klay Thompson Is The Most Dangerous Player In The League When He’s Hot

Mary Raleigh

• Gilbert Arenas has declared Klay Thompson the most dangerous player in the NBA when he gets hot 

• Arenas cited Thompson’s ability to put up big numbers without needing to hold the ball

• Klay’s off-ball moving ability to generate open shots is another reasonGilbert Arenas asks Warriors to DECLINE Klay Thompson's contract extension

The NBA is so incredibly packed with talent that we often underestimate how good each player can be individually. Most of the players enjoyed being the primary options at the high school and college level, even if they are in the NBA as role-players.

Klay Thompson was never a role-player but he also hasn’t ever been the primary option on his Warriors. But he has an incredible ability to turn up for massive games. That ability and the consistency of his shot made Gilbert Arenas declare him the most dangerous player in the NBA when hot.Warriors' Klay Thompson admits to errors during recovery process - AS USA

“When hot, I pick Klay. Out of the three, it’s hard to control his hot because he doesn’t need the ball. He scored 60-something points with just 11 dribbles. When he gets hot, he’s more dangerous because he’s moving. It’s hard to double someone who is coming off screens.”

Klay had many stretches last season where he burst out for massive scoring games without Stephen Curry to keep the Warriors’ playoff push alive. However, as he ages his consistency has started to wane.

He averaged 16.2 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 2.3 assists on 34.3% shooting efficiency in their ‘ second-round series loss to the Lakers, showing if he isn’t hot, he can be a detriment to the Warriors.

A Contract Year For Klay ThompsonWho Is Klay Thompson Dating - Get To Know More About Him

Klay Thompson will be playing with his future on the line this season, as the Warriors could choose to either trade him or not re-sign him next offseason. If Klay has a bad season in 2023-24, his market will be small due to his injury history and declining form. This could allow the Warriors to keep him for cheaper than anticipated, as it recently happened with the Draymond Green extension.

The Warriors paid Klay to recover from injuries for two-and-half seasons of this four-year contract, so it’s likely both player and team find a compromise as the contract is about to expire. But right now, the Warriors will evaluate how Klay looks on the court before locking in their aging trio for two or three more seasons on sizable contracts.

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