High in the jungle mountains of Flores Island in Indonesia at an altitude of 4200ft. is one of the last remaining ancient and isolated villages in the world.

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Called Wae Rebo, the village has been occupied by the Manggaraian people for almost 2,000 years.
There are eight traditional conical thatched homes called Mbaru Tembong that are occupied by one or more families. Subsisting on agriculture products like taro, coffee, vegetables and jungle meat, their lifestyle has changed little in two millennia.

Visit Wae Rebo: Hidden Gem Nestled Above The Highlands of Flores

No eyes could witness what beauty this place has got to offer — yet. Encapsulated within the dense, thick forests of the highlands in Manggarai, this man-made cultural village is a sight to be sought. Like a speck of precious gold dust, this beauty could only be witnessed after a confrontation with its challenges — uphill, muddy, bumpy tracks.

Persistence is the key. With persistence, comes incredible vistas that await you above. Walk through the dense forests, witness nature’s beauty along your journey, and step into the jaw-dropping view as soon as you stepped into the entrance.

Are you a first-timer keen to explore the amazing vista above the highlands of Flores? Curious of the beauty that lies within Wae Rebo? Read along! This article is made as an ultimate guide to plan for your Wae Rebo visit.

The Ultimate Cultural Experience in Wae Rebo

What lies beyond the scattered lush forests will leave you enchanted. Pictures could not even glorify what the eyes could see. Both a natural and cultural visit, Wae Rebo is an escape to the clear, soothing vista of above.

The Beauty of Wae Rebo

Blog tiket.com | Going anywhere? Discover inspirations for your next trip.Wae Rebo features 7 circular, cone-shaped traditional houses protruding from the relatively flat surface of the highlands above.

Famously known as the village above the clouds, Wae Rebo is acknowledged as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2012, leaving behind 42 other competitors!

This title is not given for nothing. Given its unique feature, it is undoubtedly one of Indonesia’s gems that should be protected.

beauty of wae reboIsolated on top of thick, lush forests, Wae Rebo has its own story to tell. Home to the local Manggarai tribe, reputedly, Wae Rebo was settled 18 generations ago by an elder referred to as Mpu Maro.

Stories circulating the first establishment of this village tell that Mpu Maro had the vision to lead his tribe to settle in the highlands of Flores.

Hence, Wae Rebo is what we all know today. A place of culture and heritage, its unique cone-shaped houses called Mbaru Niang have captured the eyes of many. Undoubtedly, what makes this village more attractive!

Best time to visit: April – June

Weather: Temperature varies during the day between 20 to 26 degrees celsius

Entrance fee: No entrance fee, however, there will be a mandatory contribution fee for 50,000 IDR* and a mandatory tour guide for 250,000 IDR*

Address: Satar Lenda, West Satar Mese, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara

How to Get There

how to get to wae reboTo reach Wae Rebo, you would start your journey by landing on either Labuan Bajo or Maumere, respective to which destinations you would like to visit.

However, a start from Labuan Bajo will save a lot of time if you happen to only seek Wae Rebo. From Labuan Bajo Airport, it would take you around 5 hours to reach the nearest village– Denge Village.

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It would be very much recommended to have a guide which includes car rent that’ll take you to Wae Rebo, as public transport is almost non-existent.

Since a hike to Wae Rebo would be pretty much tiring, most travelers would make a stop in the nearby lodge to help prepare for the rough journey ahead.

Blog tiket.com | Going anywhere? Discover inspirations for your next trip.Your journey to Wae Rebo will start at the nearest hiking spot, which is in Denge Village. If you happen to travel by car, the car would stop at a certain point, in which you should walk further to the hiking point.

The distance between your last car stop and the hiking point is quite far. This, however, is seen as an opportunity by the locals of Denge Village. They will offer you a service that’ll take you to the hiking point by motorcycle. This is highly recommended to save you energy before the actual hike begins.

A Glimpse to Your Journey Above

wae rebo journeyOnce you reach the entrance of the hiking point, you would need to walk for about 2 to 3 hours, respective on one’s stamina and physical condition.

But worry not, t-mates! The tracks that lead you to the village are well-built so you don’t need to worry about getting lost in the mountains.

Along the tracks, you’ll witness small rivers with crystal clear water and hidden photo spots that overlook the majestic mountain peaks with the view of the village from afar when you are close.

Surely, immersing yourself in the depths of nature as you walk by is worth every energy!

What To Do

Blog tiket.com | Going anywhere? Discover inspirations for your next trip.There are a lot of things you could do in Wae Rebo. In addition to exploring up into the corners of the village, you could witness various activities of the locals.

Watch local men go to their farms, watch local women make traditional fabrics, and more! Take pictures of the locals’ life, and immerse yourself in the life of the locals.

You can visit pretty much every cone-shaped house and interact with the locals to know more about the village and its prior establishments.

Furthermore, you’ll be served coffees, teas, and even meals! The locals would also present you with their hand-made fabrics and coffee of their own, which you can buy to help Wae Rebo tourism even more!

what to do in wae rebo

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