How $1,000,000,00 worth LeBron James can own a Vegas NBA expansion team in the future with just 1% share of FSG?

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Last year, LeBron James became the first active player to become a billionaire, according to Forbes. “King James’” career NBA earnings have already reached $431 million. The four-time MVP’s endorsement deals with companies like Nike, Walmart and PepsiCo have reportedly added another $900 million to his bank account.How $1,000,000,00 worth LeBron James can own a Vegas NBA expansion team in  the future with just 1% share of FSG?

Despite his massive earnings, the LA Lakers superstar is still quite short when it comes to owning an NBA team. Las Vegas is where he publicly said he wanted to base his franchise.

James still has two years left in his contract with the Lakers. By the time he has a chance to own a franchise, an NBA team could be roughly worth around $3 billion. The “Chosen One,” based on 2022 figures, is around $2 billion short.LeBron tells Adam Silver he wants to own expansion team in Vegas - NBC  Sports

The Fenway Sports Group (FSG) could be James’ lifeline here. FSG has the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, Liverpool FC (LFC) and Anfield as part of its assets. James had a 2% stake in LFC, which was previously worth $6.5 million.

LeBron James Says He Wants To Own An NBA Team In Las Vegas – DeadlineLiverpool’s value, however, soared, pushing LeBron James’ share to $90 million. That 2% ownership with the said football team was later turned into a 1% stake with FSG. The move was shrewd as the 2% LFC share and 1% FSG stake were still approximately $90 million.

The value of having a share with FSG also means that he’s a co-owner of the group’s assets, including the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC.Lakers score: LeBron James brought his talents back to South Beach -

FSG, with LeBron James as a stakeholder, could own an NBA franchise

The Fenway Sports Group sold 10% of its stocks to RedBird Capital to raise a massive $750 million fund. Owning sports teams was reportedly why they wanted the said amount.LeBron James pushing his limits at 38, but should he be pushing his minutes?

The group didn’t waste time after the funds were raised. They now have a $900 million share with the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL.

The NBA could be next and that is where LeBron James could maximize his clout and influence. FSG was rumored to have seriously considered buying the Minnesota Timberwolves but did not push through.

Perhaps, they had Las Vegas in mind. They might be playing the long game as the returns could be staggering.

LeBron James is still looking to play with his son Bronny James. The two could team up after a potential one-and-done season at USC by James Jr. Once “King James” is done playing, he could strongly pursue NBA team ownership.Lakers superstar LeBron James wants to own an NBA team in Vegas - Silver  Screen and Roll

When that happens, FSG might make that dream possible for the LA Lakers superstar.

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