“I’m ALWAYS ready to get on the sticks!!” – LeBron James shares love for PlayStation in a promotional video

Mary Raleigh

While LeBron James undoubtedly spends much of his time in the gym training, the four-time NBA champ still has a deep-rooted love of video games. Ahead of the highly anticipated release of NBA 2K24, James sat down to discuss all things gaming.LeBron James' Move to the Lakers Is the Talk Around the NBA

While he may not have the same time to put into playing video games as he used to, one thing is clear, James is a gamer. Over the three-minute long video, James answered questions about everything from what role has gaming played in his life to who his best gaming teammate is.

As fans may remember, when LeBron James was a rookie with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he was once famously photographed carrying a PlayStation 2. Since then, James has come quite a long way, with his own custom PlayStation controller and deal with the company.

LeBron James posted the PlayStation promotional video on his Twitter account with the caption:

“My love for gaming and PlayStation runs deep and you know I’m ALWAYS ready to get on the sticks!! Just better be my limited edition one!”

When the video starts, James answers the question on every fan’s mind, “What does it mean to be a gamer?” He said:

“What it means to be a gamer? You know when someone say, ‘Let’s get a game in, let’s get on the sticks,’ you always ready. Always.”

Denver Nuggets v LA Lakers - Game Three
Denver Nuggets v LA Lakers – Game Three

LeBron James’ history as a gamer dating back to the Sega Genesis

James said in the video that his favorite game is Madden, with no other game coming close in terms of the number of hours put in. Despite that, there’s one game that LeBron James used to be so good at, his friends were convinced that he was cheating.

In 2014, when James was playing for the Miami Heat, longtime reporter Brian Windhorst wrote an article about James. In it, James’ longtime friend Brandon Weems spoke about ‘Shaq Fu,’ the video game James was so great at that all of his friends thought he was cheating.

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2023 NBA All Star Game
2023 NBA All Star Game

Weems said:

“When we were growing up, we used to play this fighting game on the Sega Genesis called Shaq Fu. LeBron was the only one who had memorized all the moves and so he’d win every time. We all thought he definitely was cheating.”

As it turns out, James has a superhuman memory, which is why he was able to remember the button combinations for Shaq Fu so well. Although the game has been out of production for many years now, given the discontinuation of the Sega Genesis, it’s clear, James’ love for gaming hasn’t faded.

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