Jordan Poole Called Draymond Green An “Expensive Backpack” For Stephen Curry Before The Punch

Mary Raleigh
Jordan Poole had an insane insult for Draymond Green before getting punched.
  • Jordan Poole called Draymond Green a “backpack” for Stephen Curry
  • The insult implies that Green was always carried by Curry
  • The relationship between Poole and Green never recovered after the punchDraymond Green News, Rumors, Stats, Highlights and More | ClutchPoints

This offseason, we saw the Golden State Warriors trade Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards. Part of the reason that the Warriors decided to do so is because of his poor relationship with Draymond Green. Their relationship never really recovered from the time Green punched Poole in 2022.

Recently, NBA insider Pablo Torre revealed what Jordan Poole told Draymond Green before the incident. Poole reportedly called Green an “expensive backpack” for Stephen Curry, implying that Green consistently gets carried by the superstar.Jordan Poole's alleged message that triggered Draymond Green punch finally  revealed

“‘You’re an expensive backpack for 30’ is what was said… is what Jordan Poole told Draymond Green that got him punched in the f***ing face.”

Undoubtedly, physical violence is never acceptable, no matter the amount of trash talk. However what Poole said may have been offensive to Green due to the nature of the insult, as the statement was clearly disrespectful of Green’s abilities as a player. Even though he is limited on the offensive end, Green has consistently been a DPOY-level player during his time with the Warriors.New Video Shows Draymond Green Violently Punch Jordan Poole at Warriors  Practice

This is absolutely an insane revelation and there have been varying accounts of the incident. However, it is clear that Poole said something to trigger a reaction from Draymond Green.

Another Account Of The Incident Suggested Jordan Poole Hurled Multiple Insults At Draymond GreenWarriors: Jordan Poole finally addresses Draymond Green's punch as season  ends

There were definitely previous accounts of the incidents that differed from Pablo Torre’s account. In fact, one report revealed that Jordan Poole reportedly insulted Draymond Green’s Twitter handle before getting punched, asking why his username is “MoneyGreen” if he’s broke.

“The first day he told Draymond Green… “I f*ck more b*tches at Michigan State than you” … They was running sprints he told Draymond, “Don’t worry about it you’ll be in Sacramento next year.” Then he told Draymond, “Why’s your Twitter handle MoneyGreen if u broke, u not gettin another contract.” That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”Warriors: Draymond Green trolled after Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole workout

At the time, neither Jordan Poole nor Draymond Green had contract extensions, though Poole obviously got his extension first. It was unclear whether the Warriors would even retain Draymond Green at that point, and perhaps that could have been another reason why Green snapped at Poole.

The Situation Was Untenable For The Golden State WarriorsFact Check: Did Jordan Poole actually call Draymond Green 'broke' and tell  him 'I f*ck more b*tches'? Debunking viral rumors

At the end of the day, it made sense for the Golden State Warriors to trade Jordan Poole. The tension between Poole and Draymond Green derailed their 2022-23 season, and the two clearly could not get past what happened.

Poole moving to the Wizards might actually end up helping his career, as he will have a lot more freedom on the roster. Poole will be one of the primary offensive options on the team along with Kyle Kuzma, and it will be interesting to see if he can end up making the All-Star team next year.Draymond Green Apologizes For Hitting Teammate Jordan Poole

Meanwhile, the Warriors elected to keep Draymond Green this summer. Green signed a four-year, $100 million deal with the Warriors, and it is clear that the team values his contributions next to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

We will see how things look both for Poole and the Warriors next season. It seems as though both parties benefitted from the separation, and sometimes both sides moving on is the best option.

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