Lakers star LeBron James fires back at haters criticizing Bronny James

Mary Raleigh

LeBron James stood up for his son on Tuesday. LeBron responded to a user on X (formerly Twitter) and called out Bronny James critics.

LeBron says the “casuals” just like to argue about things they don’t know about. The initial tweet from Famouslos32 echoed a similar sentiment. The fact that Bronny is just 6’2 compared to 6’8 was also pointed out.

LeBron James calls out Bronny haters

Although LeBron is currently focused on the NBA preseason, he still has time to have Bronny’s back. It’s unclear when Bronny James will return to USC basketball after suffering cardiac arrest.

Health is obviously of the utmost importance. There is no reason for Bronny to rush back. USC will have a spot waiting for him once he’s ready.

Once Bronny does return, it will be interesting to see how he performs at the college basketball level. He displayed signs of stardom in high school and there are scouts who believe Bronny can be a top-tier NBA prospect.

He’s going to be a different kind of player than LeBron James. Bronny doesn’t feature the same size but the athleticism is there. According to scouts, Bronny also features a high basketball IQ and is a quality playmaker. If everything works out and he finds success at the college level, it would not be shocking to see Bronny become a star guard.

That said, he’s still developing as a scorer and working on his shooting stroke. Having LeBron as his father will only help matters as he continues to improve. It’s difficult to find a better mentor/personal coach than arguably the greatest player ever.

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