LeBron James Had Hilarious Moment With Anthony Davis Regarding Longevity

Mary Raleigh

The Los Angeles Lakers looked to add more depth and youth to their roster last season.

They doubled down on that commitment this offseason by either re-signing them, extending them, or bringing in other young pieces to the locker room.

That’s the go-to move when you have the oldest player in the league playing heavy minutes for you.

Recently, LeBron James put into perspective how long he’s been playing at a high level, and even his teammate Anthony Davis was shocked when he heard him.

James talked about him playing in Las Vegas since probably his second year in 2005, to which Davis simply yelled and later realized that he was in fifth or sixth grade when that happened (via NBA on ESPN).


LeBron has spent millions on his health and body every single year, not to mention his elite preparation and natural traits.

He hasn’t taken any shortcuts or days off, allowing him to have unprecedented longevity in this league.

That has also helped him break most records, as he’s pretty much played for longer at an elite level than the rest of his predecessors.

And, in all honesty, it feels like he could still play meaningful minutes for the next five or six years if he put his mind up to that, but it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll want to play unless he can dominate the same way he does nowadays.

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