LeBron James Teammate Believes The Chosen One Robbed Him Of An MVP

Mary Raleigh
One of the best peaks of his generation.Lakers News: LeBron James Teammate Believes The Chosen One Robbed Him Of An  MVP - BVM Sports

Though he’d eventually capture two championships alongside him, one of Lebron James’ earliest career rivals mentioned how the current Laker stole a regular season MVP from his resume in a recent podcast.

Talking with famous analyst Shannon Sharpe, Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade mentioned that his best season as a pro could’ve ended with an MVP trophy had his future teammate not taken it from his clutches. FORO NBA: Kobe Bryant y Lebron James designados MVP del mes de Enero

Dwyane Wade had a historic 2008-2009 campaign. Shannon Sharpe revealed that the Flash was the only player to record 2,000 points, 500 assists, 150 steals, and 100 blocks that season. According to D-Wade, that season was his MVP year. However, he is not too salty about the MVP snub. Confiding in the ESPN analyst, the Marquette alum stated that he understood why LeBron James was named as the recipient of the honor.Report: LeBron James Believes He Deserved 8 of the Last 10 MVPs

Averaging 30 points, five rebounds, seven and a half assists, over two steals and one block per contest, the man known as Flash compiled one of the most impressive seasons in NBA history even without the MVP honor.

Bowing out in seven games to the Hawks in the postseason, Wade’s Heat didn’t fare much better than the actual 2009 MVP’s Cavs who lost to the Orlando Magic with a prime Dwight Howard.

Though everyone in the NBA would fall to Kobe Bryant’s Lakers in back-to-back seasons, Lebron and Wade decided to join forces in the 2010 season to form one of the best Big 3s in NBA history with Chris Bosh. Lakers: League Executives Preparing For Offseason LeBron James Trade - All  Lakers | News, Rumors, Videos, Schedule, Roster, Salaries And More

Winning two championships in four seasons together, Wade is sleeping just fine at night, knowing that he won it all with his best friend who’s still going strong in year 21.

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