Meet Rookie, the Adorable Puppy: Steph Curry’s Loyal Companion with a Fluffy Marshmallow Coat and Gentle Demeanor

Mary Raleigh




.People, this is some huge news regarding the NBA.

The Curry family has recently gotten a new pet.

Ayesha uploaded a photo album of her new puppy, Rookie, onto Facebook on Saturday. On Monday, they took him back to the house. He is a goldendoodle, in case you couldn’t tell by his fluffy appearance and coat that smells like toasted marshmallows.

It appeared that he was getting along swimmingly with the family’s second dog, Reza.

The Curry family spent a lot of money to get Rookie. According to TMZ, they paid $3,800 to get him from a breeder in Florida who goes by the name Murphy’s Doodles.

According to the breeder’s website, $3,800 appears to be about correct. But aren’t they the prettiest little fur babies?


If you’re looking for a new puppy and have some spare cash, you might acquire one from the same store as Currys. Maybe it’ll even have something to do with Rookie!

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