Nairam Insider: The New Chronology of Ages: How did a man begin?

Margie Jones

A theory of the origin of life on any planet in our universe is that the planet will have (at least) a moon and emit a Schumann resonance, a frequency of 7.83 Hz. The same conditions exist on Earth – including the moon.

Each star comes from spaces of vibrations / frequencies of a band and radiation. Our planet Earth, like many other objects in the universe, is full of mineral wealth (gold, copper, diamonds …) that some distant civilizations have used and mined.


Currently, the so-called Schumann frequency is around 16 Hz and will continue to increase. According to the historical records of some indigenous tribes, there was a time when the Earth had no Moon and vice versa – if it had two moons.Earth’s Mineral Resources began to benefit small communities called Anunnaki Nefilim , humanoid beings. However, to protect themselves from high radiation, which they are not used to from their home planet, the Anunnaki have to spend a lot of energy and so they want to use local  species.

Thus began the genetic modification of monkeys. Do you find this strange and contradicts Darwin’s theory of evolution? That’s not all. Then they started to cross monkeys (this is called ” genetic engineering ). That’s right big feet in Czech more commonly known as  snowman .”

If you want to know what Anunnaki look like, look in the mirror. :)The second group Anunnaki Elohim these experiments talked with them, and there were also battles. Before 410 thousand years ago, the best genetic scientist Anunnaki Nigarsak came . Crossing ops DNA with elements of the palladium series created a unique human DNA with 12 fibers . Without complications, it is not, and thus man, through genetic engineering, has become 3 phases.

In 1. Phase DNA is mixed with elements of palladium – catalysis and is not formed. Because 3D is all in the duality created in 2. male and female sex, but no sexual attraction in 3. The phase of non-coding DNA and both sexes begin to cross.

After a while, they stopped having this Anunnaki Nefilim about human interest, and so took responsibility for the human species Anunnaki Elohim and passed on knowledge, skills and technology. So civil civilizations benefited.


Anunnaki are humanoid beings who, according to one theory, came to Earth from Sirius A and Sirius B. They are neither avian nor plazoid beings. They are tall, with beards and red hair. Currently, their skeletal remains have been found. I would rather understand the description with wings as a metaphor:  can fly.

Anunnaki Elohim return to Earth periodically to ” check and support “How the human race grows. The message from 18.02.2016 obtained by the medium (known under the pseudonym Sergeant SG )  in the form of a binary code contains the message:

Nabu rakba H-laraak sanu ki
[Sumerian “god”] Nabu traveled to the Mesopotamian city (phonetically)] H-laraak again [to] Earth.

Anunnaki Elohim are a friendly race of extraterrestrial Plasmoid Beings (Interview with  Lacerta ).

The cunning of being Lacerta and other reptilians

We realize that the present human civilization is not the first and only one on this earth. We are a number of civilizations. The indigenous tribes report to us as at least 5. developed civilization on Earth. At the same time, there are also placid beings underground: Lacerta – a reptilian creature that lives underground .

Consider the fact that a human being is in this strange sand reptilian beings that is explained in 1. work and based on a certain agreement, it does not (directly) interfere with human development.

Reptiles are dangerous for us Draco . They are dragon-like creatures, taller and heavier than us. They have strong clairvoyant abilities and are sentient. They live in two main castes. War line and king line. They are not killed like the human race. They come from the Alfa Drakonis system, which is 215 ly (light years) away.


Currently, it is still true that there are bits of code in DNA sequences that we believe do nothing or where we are missing a purpose. These sequences are clearly defined. From the programmer’s point of view, they appear as pieces of code with an enclosed in comment brackets so that the relevant pieces are not executed. This usually occurs in a situation where the programmer is not sure if he can actually remove the piece of code. More:  Junk DNA is a code of extraterrestrial lifePre-adamité is considered another extraterrestrial civilization that came here on Earth for thousands of years before 30-40 and had a great impact on human development.

Pre-adamité have a long skull, are thin, with narrow shoulders and bulging bellies. They are higher. There is a premise that they came to (or rather were expelled) from Mars to Earth. They clashed between the society then, and after a while a great lack of worship began, which was devastating for the civilization of that time on Earth. Pre-adamité they are also responsible for the destruction of our original 12-straced DNA.

To control humanity, they need a blunt and deadly behavior that is well manipulated. They do not need intelligent, creative and creative beings. And so with the help of genetic engineering shut down  a large part of the DNA, except for the two fibers that we know today. At that time many advanced civilizations disappeared.

Evidence of the existence of such beings or at least their offspring is still present. An example is a whole topic Skulls from Paracas in Peru. Almost in the same destination (America) were found in the 19. century hundreds of skeletons that remain of giants. The skeletal remains were taken by the Smithsonian Institute. According to some informants, the skeletons were destroyed as socially  inappropriate artifacts (inappropriate archaeological finds) .

Another case is the Egyptian pharaoh Achnaton , his wife Nefertiti and their children who were with them Tutankhamun . All in one is a hybrid of human and alien. See for yourself their descriptions and the preserved skeletal remains attributed to Achnaton and Tutankhamun.  From this it can be concluded that these may be beings with part of the ancestors in the pre-Adamites gene line . They are no longer 2 meters tall, but they still have a certain proportion of bodies and elbows.

Or Pre-adamitech There has been a recent conversation about melting glaciers at the Earth’s North and South Poles. At the beginning of 2016/2017, a foreign series of articles was published, which we translated for you under the titles:

  • Anctartida: Lost city found. That Atlantis?  (main article on the topic)
  • CIA: Remote monitoring of Mars  (translation of a document from the CIA archives confirming that they are actively interested in Pre-adamity and their history)
  • US Navy: South Pole is the base of extraterrestrial civilization
  • Hollow Earth on Third Reich maps
  • Third Realm: Base 211 , which was probably built over the existing tunnel complex after the extraterrestrial civilization

Annunaki Elohim vs. Reptilians

We now move to the time 12 years ago, when the Earth was affected by a cataclysmic change. Our Sun Star is a spectral class G, which means, among other things, you get at regular 12-thousand-year intervals sneeze  Electromagnetic pulse (EMP). This pulse leaves a signature on the planet in the form of climate change and extinction of some animal and plant species. It can be compared to resetting the system and starting a new one.

Graham Hancock in his latest book Mages of Godinitially presenting a very careful geological survey. This confirms the theory that in the period before 12000, a global catastrophe was probably caused by the passage of a large meteorite near the planet Earth. Fragments of rocks in his tail were ejected by Earth’s gravity and created a type of ocean that invaded the continents in the Northern Hemisphere. The geological finds clearly point to a shaped area that extends from Northern Europe today to North America, where the main impact site was. These areas seem to have been covered by miles of ice at that time. After the collision, the weather changed dramatically. The oceans rose 100-120 meters in a matter of weeks caused by the shock of the ice shelter. The sky was overwhelmed with smoke and dust. For several weeks, the Sun did not come out.

(illustration) Impact of meteorites

After this cataclysm Anunnaki Elohim supported humanity. The last time they were here Anunnaki Elohim was before about 7500 years when planet Earth was handed over to humanity. At that time, mankind was granted learning (experience) The information, technology, function and construction of pyramid systems and so on have been passed on. Evidence of the existence of the Anunnaki can be found, for example, in Egypt in paintings and other places.

After Anunnaki Elohim left, took advantage of it Reptilians  (Draco) and began to manipulate the civilization. The so-called ” The work of the ages  – The Babylonian brotherhood a  The financial system of Babylon and at the same time GMS – a global system of power .

Examples are the beings we know as Nimrod and his wife Semiramis. Semiramis I name is connected from one of the seven wonders of the world: Gardens of Babylon.Reptilians they need to do their unfair interests through the control of people who do not break The law of non-interference and non-interference  and so through genetic crossbreeding Rutilians – The dragon and the crawling genome reduced their feelings at the very least. This GMS control is active on date. The sad news is that, from this point on, planet Earth for humanity is a huge prison with free movement.

Reptilians in living negative energy that humans do. They do this by absorbing energy through the pores of the skin. Reptilians were involved in activities that resulted in the manipulation of human elites and financial institutions. They influence the system of religious beliefs, militarism and change in the history of human civilization. Reptilians contribute to systemic global problems and hidden human rights abuses. Corruption among elites control the media and contribute to historical amnesia and growing violence.

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