Ramses II’s Egyptian Mummy Was Issued A Passport 3000 Years After His Death

Margie Jones


Our world is full of crazy, mysterious things. Some things that make perfect sense while some things that are nonsensical to the core, yet, they exist. And today, we’ve got for you a story that depicts this craziness to a whole new level.
egypt pyramid
egypt pyramid

When we hear ‘Egypt’ the first thing that comes to our minds is the pyramids and the mummies that lie under them. It gives us a glimpse into a civilization that was way ahead of its time and we can still witness their culture and traditions with what they’ve left.

The year was 1974, when humanity was quickly advancing in the area of science and technology. Humans had stepped on the moon, and defied all odds, and we were trying constantly to push our limits. However, this was also the year when an Egyptian mummy was issued a passport so that it could travel.

Yes, all this sounds pretty random, but that’s exactly what it was. The mummy in question was that of Pharaoh Ramses II, who is also regarded as one of the most powerful rulers the Egyptian civilization ever had, 3000 years after his death, his mummy had aged poorly and required restoration. Experts at that time decided to transport the mummy to Paris, France where a bunch of experts would work on it and bring it back to its original state.

However, at this time Egypt’s rules required anybody — either living or dead — to possess a passport in order to leave the nation. After a ton of paperwork, he was finally the first mummy ever to have been issued a passport. The passport had his occupation as ‘King (Deceased)’.

Ramses II passport

Ramses II passport
Credit: The Heritage Daily (representative illustration)

The photo is just a graphical recreation of what the passport would’ve looked like, created first by Heritage Daily, since access to the actual passport’s images haven’t been made public.

Many might feel this to be a publicity stunt, but according to Ripley’s, this would enable them to have legal protections to ensure his safe return back to his land. There have been instances where European museums had displayed Egyptian artefacts and didn’t return it back to the Egyptians upon their request.

After inspection and restoration in France, he was sent back. The research shed light on the life of the legendary ruler of Egypt who was 5.7 feet tall, had red hair. He was also suffering from arthritis and tooth abscess.

Ramses II passport

Ramses II passport

Ramses II was the son of Seti I. He was made the Prince Regent when he was just 14 years old and took over the throne at the age of 20. His reign went on for six decades (c. 1279-1213 B.C.) and lived to be over 90 years while fathering over 100 children.

His body was originally kept in the tomb of the Valley of the Kings. However, ancient Egyptian priests later changed it to ward off looters, only to be then discovered in 1881 in a secret royal cache at Deir el-Bahri.

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