"Strange" details inside Ukraine's UAV

Chi tiết "lạ" bên trong UAV của Ukraine
UAVs play an important role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict (Photo: AFP).

Mash news site on October 21 cited images showing a Ukrainian suicide UAV. This UAV appears to contain a navigation module taken from the Russian Geran-2 UAV. This UAV was intercepted by Russia. It is unclear whether it was shot down or disabled by Russian electronic warfare systems.

Ukraine has not yet commented on the above information.

The navigation component reused in the Ukrainian UAV was identified as the Kometa (comet) module originally used in Geran-2. This module is located in the wing of Geran-2 and can still be used after the collision. Kometa is said to use Russia’s GLONASS satellite navigation system to establish paths for drones.

Russia began widely using Geran-2 in Ukraine last fall to target targets deep within Ukrainian territory. One of the disadvantages of this type of aircraft is that it makes loud noise when operating.

Ukraine and the West have repeatedly said that this UAV actually originates from Iran, as evidenced by the fact that it has many similar characteristics to the Iranian-made Shahed-136 UAV. However, Moscow and Tehran both denied it.

Iran said it only transferred some UAV models to Russia a few months before the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out in February 2022.

UAVs have played an important role in the year-long conflict between Russia and Ukraine due to their flexibility and low cost. UAV production is quick and costs much less than rockets. However, Russia’s UAV production is affected by Western sanctions, making components scarce.

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