The eye-opening reason why Paul Pierce doesn’t like LeBron James, per Mario Chalmers

Mary Raleigh

Recently, former Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers laid out the reasons why he believes Top 75 all-time player Paul Pierce does not like Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

According to Chalmers, there is “something personal” in the two small forwards’ comparisons to each other, and Pierce still feels slighted after all these years.

“I think it’s something personal. But for me, I just feel like Paul Pierce never got the respect that he deserved when it comes to him being that type of caliber player he is – because when you think about the top small forwards, you don’t name Paul Pierce,” Chalmers said of the Pierce-James relationship, per Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of  Bovada.

“You name T-Mac, Scottie Pippen, James Worthy… you name guys like that. And I just feel like when they named ‘Bron he’s like he’s did things and I should be up there too, I did just as much as these guys did; I got the ring, I got the numbers…why is my name NOT up there? So I think that it’s a little personal matchup between him and ‘Bron. I don’t think it’s really any dislike, I just think that’s how he feels.”

For what it’s worth, while what Chalmers said makes sense, others are not buying his take. “He just mad Kyrie destroyed him in the playoffs,” one commenter said in response to Chalmers’ shocking remarks.

Despite the fact that Paul Pierce had a rivalry with LeBron James, it should be mentioned that he previously commented on the Lakers star where he expressed his belief that the King has Michael Jordan as the NBA’s GOAT (Greatest of All-Time).

On the other hand, Chalmers previously had his own strong take on the Lakers star, saying that opponents did not fear them like the way they did Michael Jordan.

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