The great fraud of the stones of Ojuelos, Jalisco and the extraterrestrial encounter

Margie Jones

The supposed discovery was around 2014. And it is said that these archaeological pieces are engraved with extraterrestrial representations, which according to those who found them is evidence of coexistence between humans and humanoids. The strange figures are made of ceramic and were presumed to have a pre-Hispanic origin. The peculiar (and incredible) thing about the figures was that they seem to show indigenous people of the region establishing contacts with extraterrestrials. The figures show faces of what are interpreted as gray aliens and flying saucers.

However, the symbology used was very obvious and there were some gaps in the explanation of the origin. They suggested an imminent fraud. Even so, the town of Ojuelos continued with the discovery and it is said that there were a total of 300 to 3,000 figures. At least three skulls of some unknown species were even “found.”

One theory that supported the truth of the Ojuelos stones is that that area was very visited by various cultures from Arid America and Mesoamerica. For example the Sioux, Cheyennes, Hopis, Mayans, Mexicas, Olmecs, Teotihuacanos, Mixtecs, Huastecos, Chichimecas and more.

At first, social media exploded and the media inflated this discovery. But when they were subjected to tests to check whether they were real or not, results were obtained that threw all that theater to the curb. Since the material from which the pieces are made does not even correspond to the type of ceramics used in Western Mexico. And skeptical UFO researcher Leopoldo Zambrano Enríquez questioned INAH about the case.

INAH response

  • 1) There is no record of archaeological zones in Ojuelos, Jalisco.
  • 2) The INAH does not deal with “extraterrestrial cases.”
  • 3) There is no archaeological record that demonstrates links between extraterrestrials and archaeological zones in “Cerro del Toro”, Ojuelos, Jalisco.

The case got out of control and Jalisco very soon became a new center of extraterrestrial tourism, in the town of Ojuelos.

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