The huge underground labyrinth found in hawara, egypt

Margie Jones

Without a doubt, we all agree that Egypt is a land that never ceases to surprise us, as more and more interesting discoveries are made every day. This time it was his turn to Hawara , where according to ancient records there is an underground labyrinth  which so far has not been investigated. Find out here what it is about.

The Lost Egyptian Labyrinth of Hawara - The Ancient Connection

Where does the information about the Hawara underground labyrinth come from?

It is true that thousands of expeditions have been made in Egypt in which the discoveries are surprising, which is why the University of Ghent affirms that there really is a construction under the earth.

But what is so special about it? What is said is that this  could be the missing piece to confirm that an ancient civilization existed. In fact, Herodotus delighted in the grandeur of these buildings.

He dedicated himself to describing them, mentioning that, compared to the thousands of pyramids and all other structures known so far, this labyrinth could surpass all of this. So, he was in charge of giving all the characteristics that this had, without forgetting to mention a single detail, and based on this, the investigation was carried out.



What data is available about the underground labyrinth at Hawara?

If we base ourselves on what Herodotus wrote, we can realize how large and imposing this underground labyrinth is. He mentions that it has small rooms, and much larger ones which he himself had the opportunity to see. He also talks about two floors,  the upper one being what everyone has seen, and the second one positioned at the bottom would be the unknown one.

All this was corroborated in 2008, where an investigation was carried out and a large artificial plateau was found, and also what appeared to be a subsoil, which had traces of very large holes.

Verdict of the report of the expedition carried out in Hawara

After analyzing everything mentioned, it was determined in the investigation report that indeed, under the artificial plateau you could see a series of grids that, due to the passing of the years, look blurred, but are made of stone and granite material. .

Hawara Underground Labyrinth, Egypt

As for height, it is believed to be around  8 to 12 meters deep. All this was more than enough to try to visualize the alleged labyrinth, so, after many attempts and not seeing important progress in the case, the person in charge of this flatly prohibited further revealing the details.

However, after a visual reconstruction of the guide by the renowned Athanasius Kircher, a representation of the supposed two levels that make up this labyrinth could be seen.

Why was it necessary to solve the mystery of the underground labyrinth?

Although an attempt was made to locate the entrance to the underground labyrinth, there is still hope of being able to enter the alleged  3,000 rooms that are full of ancient pieces, hieroglyphs and perhaps data about what life was like back then. So, motivated by what Herodotus wrote, hope is not yet lost.

What were the tools used in the research?

Hawara Underground Labyrinth, Egypt

As we mentioned, in 2008 an entire team was brought to this 88 kilometer location specifically what is now known as south Cairo. For this, advanced technology was used that was capable of measuring the density of the soil.

In this way, trying to find the exact place to enter this level. However, despite all the efforts that were used for this, there were no positive results.

So,  everything that is known about Hawara is nothing more than a few facts  that were aired from the expedition at that time.

Why was the investigation of the underground labyrinth not continued?

Although what has been found so far could confirm an unknown civilization, the reality is that we do not know for sure if the research will one day be completed.

What we are clear about is that for the moment it will not be possible to continue the investigation of the underground labyrinth, because  this location is completely flooded , so the mystery will continue.


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