These Creepy, Unexplained Discoveries Might Prove That ‘Underwater UFOs’ Are From Outer Space

Mary Raleigh

Erin McCann

There have been numerous reports of UFO sightings and artifacts found from Roswell to Russia, but proof aliens exist can come from beneath the waves as well. Perhaps alien spacecrafts should be renamed “unidentified floating objects,” since so many UFO sightings take place around bodies of water – and sometimes, aliens are even captured on camera.

With the impressive abilities of Google Earth, anyone can explore parts unknown and make amazing discoveries. Several anomalies that appear in this list were found after people carefully combed the virtual ocean floors. Structure-like objects have been discovered all over the world, ranging from buildings to what may actually be spacecrafts.

Above water, numerous stories of alien encounters include UFOs entering and exiting lakes and oceans, prompting researchers to believe secret alien bases may lie below. These stories of creepy UFO sightings come from both above and below the waves and may make you consider the world’s large bodies of water in a new light.

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A Man-Made Structure Was Found In The Mysterious Dragon’s Triangle

Dragon1Photo: Pinterest

A Japanese diver discovered a strange man-made structure in the waters off Yonaguni in 1985, but it wasn’t until a researcher began claiming it was the remains of an ancient civilization in 1996 that people began paying attention. Some brushed it off as a natural ocean occurrence, but the fact that the structure is 490 feet wide, 90 feet tall, and features smooth planes with right-angled edges makes that assumption questionable.

The structure is also located in an area called the Dragon’s Triangle, an area known for ship and airplane disappearance myths similar to those of the Bermuda Triangle. Additionally, an old Japanese legend claims a large craft and a woman who spoke an unknown language once washed up on shore near the Yonaguni monument.

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An Object Resembling The “Millennium Falcon” Was Discovered in The Baltic Sea

FalconPhoto: Pinterest

At the bottom of the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Sweden, lies an unusual object that almost resembles the Millennium Falcon. It was discovered in 2011 by a group of Swedish men looking for treasure, and according to their sonar readings, the anomaly measured about 200 feet wide. A geologist collected samples and believed the formation is made of metal and not a natural phenomenon.

Strangely enough, the anomaly also affects electrical equipment, as one diver recalled:

“Anything electric out there, and the satellite phone as well, stopped working when we were above the object. And then when we got away about 200 meters, it turned on again, and when we got back over the object it didn’t work.”

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The World’s Oldest Computer Was Found In A 19th Century Shipwreck

ComputerPhoto: Marsyas / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

A shipwreck is not the most likely place one would find an ancient computer, but around 1900, a strange technological artifact was found in the wreckage of the Antikythera. Divers salvaged 82 separate pieces of the machine which is thought to be an analog computer used for calculating the positions of the stars.

Its housing was composed of wood and held about 30 gears made of bronze. The machine is thought to be the oldest device ever found that used a gear system to function. While scholars date the machine back to 100 BCE, one historian believes it is even older.

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Marine Stationed At Guantanamo Bay In The Late ’60s Says UFOs Were Spotted Almost Nightly

MarineVideo: YouTube

Many secretive things have likely happened at Guantanamo Bay and an underwater UFO base may be one of them. A former Marine claimed to have seen many alien crafts during his time there back in the late ’60s but was never allowed to talk about it outside of the base. According to his memory, UFOs were spotted almost nightly, measured up to 100 feet wide, and resembled clouds with pulsating lights emanating from them.

“When I stood guard duty on the south side of the base, I witnessed on many, many nights UFOs landing and taking off out of the ocean. There were large blue lights moving around after their landing in the ocean and then slowly dimming down as they obviously descended deeper.”

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An Incredibly Large Pyramid Structure Was Discovered Off Mexico’s Western Coast

PyramidPhoto: The Sun / Pinterest

In June of 2016, researcher Marcelo Igazusta spotted an odd beam of light coming from the ocean off Mexico’s west coast and decided to check it out. Using Google Earth, a large pyramid structure – thought to measure about 8.5 miles wide at the base – was found.

Rather than some sort of base, researchers believe the pyramid may be an alien spacecraft. UFO Sightings Daily blogger Scott C. Waring noted, “Humans never could have built such a construction. Only aliens could accomplish making such a massive structure.”

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Several Reports Of Huge Crafts Entering And Exiting The Water Off The Coast Of Puerto Rico

Puerto RicoPhoto: / Pinterest

There have been numerous reports of alien crafts entering and exiting the waters between mainland Puerto Rico and the small island to its east, Vieques. Even cameras on several space shuttles have captured strange water patterns and lights from under the waves.

One fisherman describes the UFO he saw rising from below the ocean in 1996:

“It was an extraordinary huge craft, immense, with many lights all around it…The peculiar thing about all this was that the object, that saucer, was taking in water from the sea. The water at the sea’s surface was swirling in a circle and jumping as if boiling. It was like a whirlpool.”

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A UFO In New Zealand Evaded An Aircraft Controller’s Radar

UFOVideo: YouTube

Many UFO sightings have occurred in the coastal areas of New Zealand’s North Island over the past 60 years. Several spotted spacecrafts have appeared entering the water, leading researchers to believe there might be an underwater base in the area.

On separate days, countless residents claimed to have seen either red or green balls of glowing, pulsating light that emitted beams and flew through the sky, both during daylight and at night.

Most of the sightings appeared from the same place in the sky and several traveled towards the harbor. An aircraft controller also spotted the UFO and noticed it did not show up on the radar screen.

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Unnamed Men Claim They Witnessed A Massive UFO Emerging From The Gulf Of Mexico

MexicoVideo: YouTube

A small group of unnamed men on an oil rig supply ship sailing in the Gulf of Mexico in March of 2017 claimed a UFO rose out of the water in front of them and sped off through the sky. “I can say for sure that the craft was dark-colored, oval in shape, and made no sound whatsoever,” one man said.

The object rose out of the water but didn’t appear to be wet. The strange craft ascended about 40 feet into the air, paused for a few seconds, and then quickly disappeared at a 30-degree angle into the sky. Judging from a rig that was visible about a half mile away, the men estimated the size of the alien craft to be more than five times bigger than the 240-foot ship they were on.

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Strange Flashing Lights Baffle A Small Fishing Community in Nova Scotia

ScotiaPhoto: H.L.I.T. / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

In October of 1967, residents of the small fishing community of Shag Harbor in Nova Scotia witnessed strange flashing lights flying through the air, diving towards the water, and then hovering above its surface. Witnesses figured the craft to be about 60 feet long, judging from the four lights that were visible. Several boats went after the alleged UFO and it was discovered the lights people had seen left yellow foam on the water’s surface, which was still visible after the craft had submerged.

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It Is Rumored A Secret Alien Base Lies Off The Coast Of Malibu, CA

AlienPhoto: / Pinterest

Jimmy Church, the host of the radio program Fade to Black, was prompted by a listener to investigate what seemed to be an underwater alien base off the coast of Malibu, 2,000 feet under the ocean. The listener had discovered the image using Google Earth and Church and a graphic designer friend finished mapping the strange structure with images from Google in May of 2014.

What they saw was an oval shape measuring three miles wide and featured what looks like pillars along one side. From the images, it greatly resembles an entrance to something, although many scientists are skeptical of the findings.

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A Possible Alien Civilization Located Just Off The Coast Of Baja, CA

Alien1Video: YouTube

Between Baja, CA and Mexico, 45 miles out to sea lies a possible ancient alien civilization. A UFO hunter was using Google Earth in July of 2016 when he discovered what appeared to be the outline of a gigantic underwater structure measuring about 76 miles wide. Another interested person heard about his find and zoomed in on the structure, noticing strange symbols carved into the side of it.

Is this another alien base built in the ancient past? Considering its size and proximity to a giant pyramid and another potential underwater alien base near Malibu, perhaps it is.

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A Massive Structure In The Pacific Ocean Is A Geographic Anomaly That May Be Extraterrestrial

OceanPhoto: Google / Google Earth

UFOlogists discovered a large, mile-high structure in the Pacific Ocean. Shefket, an alien enthusiast, says there is nothing on Earth that “remotely resembles” the formation. Researchers note that it’s perfectly in line with the Giza pyramids, which many believe aliens built. Upon inspection of the tower, UFOologists found an incredibly deep spot on the ocean floor, which they believe could be the result of alien activity.

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Countless UFO Sightings Surrounding The Uninhabited Puffin Island

IslandsVideo: YouTube

Puffin Island is an uninhabited island near Anglesey on the north coast of Wales. People have claimed to witness alien aircrafts in the vicinity of the island since January 1974, prompting researchers to believe there may be an alien base hidden beneath it.

Because so many people have made reports about UFOs over such a long period of time, the sightings could very well be real. The area around Puffin Island has also previously been considered as a possible location for the legendary sunken city of Cantre’r Gwaelod.

“There is definitely a link; we’ve found an 80% increase in UFO activity over ancient sites compared to anywhere else, including Anglesey,” noted Phil Hoyle of The UFO Investigations and Research Unit.

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