“Tom Brady Just Told Me To Go The Warriors”: Kevin Durant’s ‘Looming’ $26,540,100 Decision 7 Years Ago Was Influenced By The NFL’s GOAT

Mary Raleigh

In 2016, Kevin Durant made a decision that earned him the ire of the entire basketball world. Choosing to earn $26,540,100 in the 2016-17 season, KD joined the Golden State Warriors seven years ago. It was a huge move that rocked the NBA and kicked off the dominance of the Dubs dynasty. Millions of fans believed Durant made the move so that he could get an easy ring. However, his business partner, Rich Kleiman revealed on the All the Smoke podcast that it was Tom Brady who actually influenced the move the most.Tom Brady Just Told Me To Go The Warriors": Kevin Durant's 'Looming' $26,540,100  Decision 7 Years Ago Was Influenced By The NFL's GOAT - The SportsRush

Having been knocked out of the 2016 Playoffs by the Golden State Warriors, the OKC Thunder were itching for revenge the following season. But, they were completely blindsided by their star player KD. Durant, desperate to win his first championship, made the decision to join the enemy. With him becoming Warrior, he became the most hated player in the NBA, and was even dubbed a “snake”.

Kevin Durant reportedly made the decision to join the Warriors after talking to Tom BradyTom Brady Just Told Me To Go The Warriors": Kevin Durant's 'Looming' $26,540,100  Decision 7 Years Ago Was Influenced By The NFL's GOAT - The SportsRush

In a recent interview on the All the Smoke podcast, Rich Kleiman, the co-founder of Boardroom, and Kevin Durant’s business partner shared some interesting information about KD’s infamous move to the Golden State Warriors. He revealed that Durant made the decision to join the Dubs, partly thanks to Tom Brady.

Around the time of free agency back in 2016, the Slim Reaper was having meetings with several teams. In addition to sides like the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, one of them was the Boston Celtics. Desperate to shake things up in the East, the ownership, along with Danny Ainge and two players, decided to visit KD at the time.Tom Brady Just Told Me To Go The Warriors": Kevin Durant's 'Looming' $26,540,100  Decision 7 Years Ago Was Influenced By The NFL's GOAT - The SportsRush

It should have been more than enough, but the Cs probably believed they needed more firepower. So, they roped in then-New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady as well. However, contrary to what one would expect, after going for a walk with Brady and talking it out with him, KD came back with the impression that the seven-time Super Bowl Champion wanted him to join the Dubs.  Kevin Durant's Free Agency: Why Warriors Star Should Move On - Sports  Illustrated

“I remember when the Celtics came. So it was the Celtics ownership, Danny Ainge, Jae Crowder and I think Kelly Olynyk. Then, in came Tom Brady. So, alright, sh*t they really trying to level the playing field. So they went to take a walk together (Brady and KD), and then later on KD was like, ‘So he told me, bottom line, that I should look for the best team, best organization, best chance to win no matter what. I think Brady just told me to go to the Warriors!’”

According to Durant, Brady told him to join the best team, with the best organization, and the best chance of winning. Some sage advice that the 6’10” forward likely took into account. But, at the end of the day, the decision was his and his alone. And, he chose the Golden State Warriors of his own volition.

The Boston Celtics were convinced KD was coming to the TD Garden

Apart from the Golden State Warriors, the Boston Celtics were the team that probably had the best chance of signing Kevin Durant. After several meetings with him, the organization was convinced they could get him on board. Players like Jae Crowder and Isaiah Thomas were even all gung-ho about the move.

Warriors: Does Kevin Durant's number belong in the rafters?Many believed that the meeting with Tom Brady had sealed the deal as well. The TD Garden was ready and waiting for the Slim Reaper to sign on the dotted line. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t account for Durant’s misinterpretation of TB12’s words and his eagerness to play with the best.

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