Video: Stephen Curry Shows How Game Speed Practice Shooting Looks Like

Mary Raleigh
Stephen Curry has blown fans away with an incredible clip of him practicing game speed shooting.

• Stephen Curry has perfected his shooting motion over years of dedicated training

• A clip of Curry practicing game speed shooting has gone viral, as Curry perfects ways to dribble into his scoring sweet spots efficiently

• The training has great use to prepare shooters to consistently attack live defensesHow to Shoot like Stephen Curry: Shooting Form Blueprint - YouTube

The road to becoming the greatest shooter in NBA history is extremely challenging, but Stephen Curry effortlessly made it through all. He changed the game with his incredible shooting ability, transitioning into its current era after the mid-range and inside-heavy offenses of the 2000s.

Curry has perfected his practice regimen over decades of training. His trainer Brandon Payne often shares information and clips of Curry’s routine. A recent clip highlighting Curry working on game-speed shooting shows his incredible commitment to consistently getting better.

Game speed practice shooting refers to drills geared to challenge players into dribbling into their scoring sweet spots and consistently draining shots. It prepares the player to attack live defenses and find unorthodox solutions that can generate an open shot.

Curry is already a master at just dribbling into any shot he pleases, but these drills will ensure he’s sharp for the 2023-24 season.

Stephen Curry Works Hard To Remain The Greatest Shooter

Curry has various practice habits instilled in him that he sticks to for his shot. The man is always automatic while shooting and it’s credit to his preferred three-point shooting drill in practice. The same is said to feature nine steps.Steph Curry hits five straight full-court shots — in fake video

There are various challenging drills involved including a form shooting drill, where Curry makes 100 shots in a single session while gradually increasing the distance from which he scores. Along with that, he does spot-up release drills, shoot-off-the-dribble drills, cut-to-ball drills, and many more.

Curry will look to perfect his shot ahead of this season as he will have to shoulder more of the offensive load with Jordan Poole gone. Chris Paul will definitely get Curry more open shots, but Steph needs to be prepared for every situation on offense.

He averaged 29.4 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 6.3 assists in a solid 22-23 season, but he’ll hope health is on his side as the Warriors look to return to the championship next season.

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