Warriors Contend With their Roster, Do Not Sign Dwight Howard

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After a two day visit with Golden State, the Warriors decide to not pursue the former Los Angeles Lakers’ champion, Dwight Howard. Last season Warriors lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in the conference semi-finals 4-2. Lakers dominated mostly due to the size differential between the two teams. That whole season Warriors seemed to struggle against teams with bigger athletes due to their lack of size compared to most teams.NBA Free Agency: Warriors don't sign Dwight Howard - Golden State Of Mind

Warriors Contend With their Roster, Do Not Sign Dwight Howard

It seemed like Dwight Howard would have been a good fit due to his size. At 37 years old Howard stands at 6’10 265 pounds with a 7’5 wingspan. It also helps that the veteran center is a 8 time NBA All Star, 5 time All NBA First team, and a 3 time defensive player of the year. Golden State could have used someone of his size and stature to their advantage. Yet they decided to reject the future hall of famer, but why?A WARRIOR Cannot Complain”: Hours After NBA Return Was Shattered, Dwight  Howard Pens Down Cryptic Note to Stephen Curry's Team - EssentiallySports

Likely situation why Warriors Said No

According to Shams Charania, “The Warriors are not expected to sign Dwight Howard or another veteran center ahead of training camp, sources tell me… But the Warriors are expected now to maintain flexibility to sign a potential big man later in camp or into the regular season.” It seems like the Warriors might be holding out on a big man now to potentially get someone better in the near future. A big reason to say no to Howard is his age as he is turning 38 in a couple of months. If the Warriors are going to pay a lot of money for a big man they do not want to overpay for someone on their way out. Due to his age Howard also won’t play a full game. He would most likely come off the bench at best. However, there is another reason why Warriors said no.Dwight Howard to Warriors Receives Major Update | Yardbarker

Away from the NBA

Dwight Howard played the whole 2022-2023 season away from the NBA. The big man played that season overseas with the TaiwanBeer Leopards in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Not playing in the NBA and playing in the T1 league instead is a huge difference. The Golden State Warriors probably did not feel comfortable relying on a player with a one year break from the NBA. Especially at his age. It also does not help that over the last few years Howards minutes have steadily declined since the 2020 season. He went from 25 minutes a game to 16.2 with the Lakers in 2022. The NBA being a bigger league and more pressure from top players and teams Howard could potentially look at a fast decline if he comes back to the NBA. Aside from a year overseas, Warriors seem happy with their current big men situation.Dwight Howard's cryptic post amid reported rejection from Warriors

Warriors Current Big Men

Howard can play Power Forward and Center but it seems the Warriors are contend with their current situation. Filling those positions are Draymond Green, Kevon Looney, Dario Saric, Trayce Jackson-Davis, and Usman Garuba. Green has been with the Warriors Organization since 2012 and has four rings to show for it. Looney is arguably their biggest defender and best rebounder on the team. Jackson-Davis has shown a lot of promise during workouts at the teams facility. The Warriors view Garuba as a young depth piece with a big upside. Saric is a 29 year old center-forward who brings veteran instincts to the team. He will be a good role player for Golden State. It seems like Warriors are happy with the situation they are in. They are also willing to hold out for maybe another big men in the future. What will happen to Dwight Howard?Former NBA star excited for Warriors defense if they sign Dwight Howard

What is Next for Dwight Howard?Warriors Finally Make Decision on Dwight Howard's Fate | Heavy.com

Over the last few days or so, Dwight Howard has made headlines since the Warrior tryouts. Howard has also made it clear that he is interested in being included in the Paris Olympics next summer for Team USA. Although the former Laker got the approval by Golden State’s veterans he did not make the team. However, this does not mean another team in dire need of a big man can’t swoop up the Dwight Howard. If Howard wants to come back to the NBA to retire, a return to Orlando or Los Angeles could be in the works. If he wants to join a contender then the Dallas Mavericks or Miami Heat could be good options. Whatever happens Dwight Howard has been very vocal about returning to the NBA and proving himself.

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