Watch: Magic Johnson fanboy Ryan Fitzpatrick hilariously asks for autographs on entire memorabilia collection for kids

Mary Raleigh

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn’t contain his fandom of LA Lakers legend Magic Johnson during the “Thursday Night Football” pregame show.

Fitzpatrick, who revealed that he was wearing a throwback Johnson jersey underneath his suit jacket, first requested for his jersey to be autographed. This came as Fitzpatrick’s co-host said that he had long been looking forward to getting the chance to speak with Johnson. The NBA legend then happily obliged.

“Would you mind, do you mind?” Fitzpatrick asked.

“You got it,” Johnson said.

Fitzpatrick reacted in excitement. However, he then took his request a step further when he pulled out a basketball, a hat, a football and a series of photographs for Johnson to sign. Fitzpatrick added that he wanted signed memorabilia for each of his seven children.

“I’m so gracious of that. I have more things, actually,” Fitzpatrick said. “This is for each kid right here.”

Fortunately for Fitzpatrick, Johnson was a good sport and proceeded to sign everything he had brought to the show.

Watch the lighthearted moment below.

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