“What Is This Sh*t!”: Klay Thompson ‘Hilariously’ Recalls 260lbs Luka Doncic’s Workout With ‘Splash Brother’ Stephen Curry

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Why are Warriors' Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson called the 'Splash  Brothers?' Full nickname origin story for NBA's best all-time 3-point  shooting backcourt | Sporting NewsStephen Curry is one of the best Guards in the history of the game. Apart from leaving millions of fans in awe of his pin-point shooting, Curry’s pregame workouts have also intrigued avid basketball enthusiasts. Over the past decade, people have gathered well in advance of the tip-off in order to watch the 6-foot-2 sharpshooter undergo a series of workouts to prepare for the contest. With Steph’s interesting workouts gaining popularity over the years, Klay Thompson and Paul George had an in-depth conversation about the same on the latest episode of Podcast P. The two former AAU teammates spoke about the viral video from 2018 of Luka Doncic training alongside Steph. Reacting to the video, Thompson stated that the 260 Lbs Doncic would’ve probably been taken aback after witnessing Chef Curry train.What Is This Sh*t!”: Klay Thompson 'Hilariously' Recalls 260lbs Luka  Doncic's Workout With 'Splash Brother' Stephen Curry - The SportsRush

While Stephen Curry is known for being the greatest shooter ever, his training has become one of the more popular aspects of his game. Curry often uses the word “scrawny” to describe his stature from his college and primal years in the league. After being shoved around, Curry soon realized the importance of being strong. Apart from hitting the weight room, the Point Guard even works on his stamina like no other.

A huge part of Steph’s game involves moving without the ball. In order to remain healthy, the two-time Most Valuable Player performs some of the most outlandish workouts. Every summer some or the other player links up with Steph for a workout and most of them fail to keep up with the Golden State Warriors leader.The absurdity of Klay Thompson - Golden State Of Mind

Paul George and Klay Thompson react to Luka Doncic working out with Stephen Curry

On the recent episode of Paul George’s podcast, Klay Thompson and the hosts had a brief discussion on Curry’s workouts. While a majority of the players in the league fail to keep up with the four-time champ, Thompson took pride in the fact that he could “hang in”. However, when the Davidson alum starts doing all the inane ball-handling drills, Thompson taps out. Despite being teammates with the nine-time All-Star for 12 years, Klay reveals still being in awe of Curry’s preparation.Vintage Klay Right There” – Klay Thompson Impresses Fans After Joining  Golden State Warriors Teammate Stephen Curry to Make NBA History -  Sportsmanor

“I could hang, especially for the shooting portion. But once he does this ball-handling with the tennis ball, he’s got these lights, you got all this like crazy, Globetrotter, jester stuff he’s doing. He juggles the ball, goes behind his back and I’m like ‘Bro I just need one-two dribbles to get my spot’. You know I’ve been his teammate for so long, I’m still in awe like of how he prepares.”

Further, the panel reacted to the viral video from 2018 where Steph worked out with Luka Doncic and Jalen Green. As seen in the clip, the Mavericks rookie was having a tough time performing the drills that the Warriors star was doing with the utmost ease. Joking about Doncic’s reaction in the video, PG13 and Thompson stated how he was “half-a**ing” the workout.

PG: “Luka was half-a**ing it.”

Thompson: “Luka’s like ‘What is this sh*t’? But Luka got handles.”

PG: “Yeah, he does. It looks like it was just intense for him.”

Reportedly, several players start puking merely 10 minutes into a workout with The Baby-Faced Assassin. To the Slovenian youngster’s credit, he seemed to have survived the tedious drills.

Draymond Green speaks about Curry’s workouts

Steph is one of the hardest workers in the league. The man clocks in the gym five to six times a week. Barely taken any days off, Curry has one of the most difficult workout regimes.

Draymond Green, who is known to be one of the strongest players in the league, revealed how the nine-time All-NBA player would often “dumb his workout down” for his teammates.

Working relentlessly on his conditioning has allowed Steph to perform at the highest level even at the age of 35. Goes without saying, there is still a lot left in his tank.

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