When did people start believing in aliens?

Mary Raleigh

Belief in Aliens May Be a Religious Impulse - Scientific AmericanAliens or unidentified flying objects have long been a very popular subject in movies. Because of this mystery and unreality, there is a lot of controversy surrounding it, many people believe it, but many people don’t. However, you may not know that since ancient times , people have thought about the existence of creatures from this space. Some people even claim to have personally seen and interacted with aliens. So when did people believe in life in space ?

Like gods in many religious cultures, aliens are often believed to be the cause of mysterious unanswered phenomena, and they are also the main reason to justify terrible actions such as “sacrifice” in the past.


It is likely that the Puritans were the first people to see UFOs in the sky or at least they were the ones to record it. For example, the governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony, John Winthrop, recorded a UFO sighting in his diary in 1639, and a few times later in the American region. At that time, Winthrop and two friends were sitting on a boat and saw some moving lights in the sky. They continuously changed shape, even shrinking and turning “into the shape of a pig.” rush through the sky. In a strange way, their boat then moved downstream, where they started, without rowing, while the water was upstream. Five years later, Winthrop reported another UFO sighting, this time a silhouette of a person disappearing behind a layer of white mist. A week later, he witnessed another strange incident.


But John Winthrop was not the first to believe he had seen signs of aliens. The ancient Egyptians were probably the first to see aliens and UFOs. The evidence is in a royal notebook – the Tulli Papyrus in the 1400s, which recorded times when ancient Egyptians saw UFOs in the sky.


However, the Egyptians were not the only ancient people to see UFOs, as there are also many other records from the Romans, Mexicans, Greeks, Chinese and more. Indeed, at that time, you could not explain those objects as just an airplane in the sky.


Although reports of UFOs appear in many places, it seems that the majority are recorded in the United States. AND usually these news are avoided and directed to other images and phenomena such as airplanes, weather probes, etc.

UFOs are not the only evidence that aliens exist and have visited Earth. Their existence is also shown through some things or traces that they accidentally leave behind after their visits, although most of these signs are interpreted by humans in a different way to evading the hypothesis of the existence of aliens . For example, it was the skillful farmers who created perfect circles in the fields, or doubts about the level and ability of the ancient Egyptians to build pyramids,…


Although there is no real evidence that any of these things are related to aliens, some other signs suggest that perhaps aliens have also been living in seclusion. in human community.

Field circles may have started appearing in the 1970s, as circles with quite intricate and creative designs found in the middle of fields. It is difficult to determine whether they are actually places where UFOs have landed or are just the work of bored and creative farmers.


Besides, the Nazca Lines are a strange geometric drawing found in Peru. Instead of a simple circle, these lines connect to create the shapes of many animals such as monkeys and spiders, for example. It was not until the 1930s, with the popularity of air travel, that these drawings became known to the public. Scientists believe that the ancient Nazca people are the owners of these drawings, but many people believe that these are the work of aliens.

With a huge size of more than 120m high, this structure was created from stone blocks weighing up to tons placed on top of each other. The hypothesis that aliens built the pyramid is no longer so strange.


Stonehenge is a Neolithic and Bronze Age megalithic monument in England. Many theories revolve around how Stonehenge was built and what the main purpose was. How could human power transport such huge rocks a long way to Salisbury? That’s why more and more people believe this project was built with the help of aliens.

Cases of mutilated cattle have been reported since the 1600s and to this day, they still occasionally appear not only in the United States but also in many parts of the world. The brutal and mysterious deaths of pets or domestic animals are terrifying, especially when the cause of the incident is not found. In an effort to find the culprit, people began blaming werewolves, chupacabras, Satanic cults, and of course aliens. In most reports, these poor animals have been drained of blood, missing some body parts and have some fluorescent paint.

In the cave paintings of prehistoric people to the carvings of not only the Egyptians but also many other peoples, all have signs indicating that aliens have visited Earth in the past. for thousands of years. However, many people believe that it is all just the imagination of the ancients, like how people today write about vampires, unicorns, or witches.
What about you guys, do you believe in the existence of aliens or not?

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